Monday, August 29, 2011

Easy Costume Ideas

Looking for some easy costume ideas for you next party, well you have come to the right place. Here I will give you some easy costume ideas as well as the opportunity to purchase some hot specials from one of the best online Costume sites online.

How about a quick trip to the goodwill or thrift store and then you can make a few adjustments, add a bit of cheap bling or beads, buy a fancy hat and some crazy glasses and no one will recognise you.

Below you'll find 5 quick and easy costume ideas that are guaranteed to be a success this Halloween.

Easy Costume Idea #1:

A ghost dressed as a ghost. The whole ghost costume is played out, but you can reinvent it using two bed sheets instead of one. Cut eye holes in two sets of sheets and draw a mouth and nose on both, put them both on, tie a rope around your waist to keep the costume on and when people ask tell them you are a ghost dressed as a ghost.

Super Ghost Medium

Easy Costume Idea #2:


make a great outfit for lounging around the house or relaxing in general. Try wearing most costumes after the actual holiday. For the most part, it’s not going to work. You’d look foolish and probably wouldn’t be comfortable. Go the smart route and choose scrubs for your costume this year.

Doctor Adult Costume

Easy Costume Idea #3:

A Facebook profile

Copy how your main profile page looks. This one will win you costume cont. All you need for this costume is a giant piece of cardboard and some felt pens. Cut a hole in the top left corner of the cardboard, that's the profile picture section, then log into Facebook.
A television set. Like the Facebook profile, this costume needs only cardboard and felt pens, but this one is much easier to make. Cut a hole, color the cardboard, you can even go the extra mile and add some dials or knobs and an antenna. Dress up like a newscaster, a sports star, or anything really. Just be sure to stay in character all night. You'll earn brownie points for having different outfits for when people want to change the channel.

Easy Costume Idea #4:

What about latest popular music, celebrities, movies, and TV shows. Even though older adults may miss the reference of a teenager dressed as a current rap star, chances are that other teens will know exactly who is being portrayed. Beyonce, Lindsey Lohan, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani, Miley Cyrus, and Justin Timberlake are popular teen celebrities. Popular fictional characters to portray include Captain Jack Sparrow, Napoleon Dynamite, superheroes, Indiana Jones, Star Wars characters, Harry Potter, and Austin Powers.

Easy Costume Idea #5:
A Cowboy/Cowgirl. If you children already own cowboy or cowgirl boots and a hat, all you need to do is add some blue jeans and a long sleeve check top. If you child has a pony on a stick toy, even better. Parents may also be able to find some rope lying around that can be used as a lasso prop. For a farmer just try adding some hay inside shirt or pants pockets and a fake pitchfork, rake or hoe as a prop.

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During the VMAs in 2010 Kesha wore a trash bag dress that she claimed to get from Lowe's. A single trash bag probably costs about a quarter and the makeup need to look like this young lady would probably cost around $10. This is a very inexpensive costume in a time when many Americans are spending quite a bit to look like their favorite stars. You probably already have the heels to go with the trash bag dress so all it will take is a little bit of work on your makeup and you should be good to go for Halloween in 2010.

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