Monday, August 29, 2011

Easy Costume Ideas for Men

Here we have some Easy Costume Ideas for Men to wear at your next costume party.
There really are so many to choose from, but I have put together a few of the favorites below.

These are inexpensive and can be mostly made with bits and pieces you have in the closet.

Easy Costume Ideas for Men this Halloween

Get Dressed up as a Hippy

An adult hippy costume is easy and inexpensive to make. For this costume you will need a pair of bellbottom pants, a tye dye t-shirt, 1960's sunglasses (think John Lennon), a fringe vest, a headband, flip flops and a long wig (ladies with long hair won't need a wig). Again you can find these items at thrift stores for very cheap prices if you do not have them at home.

Hippie Adult Costume

Easy Costume Ideas for Men :-Dress up as a Tourist

An adult tourist Halloween costume can be fun and it is easy and cheap to make. You will need a pair of khaki cargo pants or shorts or a pair of denim pants or shorts, a t-shirt with a city or tourist attraction on it, tennis shoes or flips flops, a baseball cap or large sun hat and a fannie pack. An easy costume idea and so simple to get dressed in these items you have is your wardrobe and you have made a Halloween costume. If you do not have these items at home you can buy them at thrift stores for little money.

Tacky Vegas Tourist Adult Costume

Easy Costume Ideas for Men : Nerd Halloween Costume for Adults

We are all a bit nerdy so why not really let it show on Halloween with this homemade adult Halloween costume? You will need some hair gel, dark rimmed glasses with masking tape in the middle, pants that are too short (preferably plaid), penny loafers, pocket protector full of pens, a short-sleeved shirt that buttons down and is a bit tight (use plaid or a pastel color) and white socks that are nearly knee high.

Class Nerd Adult Costume

For Lots More Costume Ideas for Adults

Easy Costume Ideas for Men : Beach Bum Shirt Costume
You'll be the best dressed beach bum with this brightly colored Hawaiian print

Beach Bum Shirt Costume

There are some great World of Warcraft Masks now available.

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